At Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig Funeral Home it is our aim to assist you in every way possible in your time of need or when you are planning ahead. 

Selecting a final resting place for a loved one is an important decision that we can help you with.  We have information available for all cemeteries in the area and can provide you with comparisons so that you can make a decision that fits both your wishes and your budget.  In addition we can help you with designing and installing a fitting tribute in the way of a memorial monument or marker. 

All this can be done right at our location or in your home.  Let us help you make it a little easier.  Feel free to call for your free consultation appointment:  905-689-4852 or email: info@kitchingsteepeandludwig.com

Some of the cemeteries in the local area:

Municipal Cemeteries Operated by the City of Hamilton

Waterdown Union Margaret Street off Dundas Street, Waterdown

Garden Lane Cemetery 7th Concession East, Flamborough (East of Hwy. #6)

Woodland Spring Gardens Road, Burlington (Just off Plains Road)

Mt. Zion Hwy. 52 & No. 2 Side Road, Copetown

Hamilton York Road, Hamilton (Opposite Dundurn Castle)

Greenwood Greenwood Dr. and Francis Road, Burlington (City of Burlington)

Catholic Cemeteries Operated by the Diocese of Hamilton

Street Thomas Dundas Street, Waterdown (Opposite Dairy Queen)

Gate of Heaven Old York Road & Snake Road, Burlington

Holy Sepulchre Plains Road & Spring Gardens Road, Burlington

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Freelton Road, Freelton

Memorial Gardens Operated by Arbor Memorial Services Inc.

Burlington Memorial Gardens Guelph Line, Burlington (north of Dundas Street)

White Chapel Memorial Gardens Main Street, West, Hamilton

Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens Chapel Hill Road, Stoney Creek/Binbrook

Community Cemeteries Operated by community member cemetery boards

Grace Anglican Mill Street North, Waterdown

Carlisle Cemetery Centre Road, Carlisle

Strabane Cemetery Brock Road - North of 8th Concession East, Strabane (www.strabanecemetery.com)

Bethel Memorial Chapel & Cemetery Britannia Road between Milborough Line & Cedar Springs Road, Burlington

Mountsberg Baptist Campbellville Road & Centre Road, Campbellville

Carmel Highway #6 North of 10th Concession East, Freelton

Millgrove Millgrove Side Road & 5th Concession West, Millgrove

Cemetery Lots
As of July 1, 2012 the Funeral, Burial and Cremations Services Act (FSBCA) has come into force, and one of the new regulations allows for interment rights brokerage at fair market value.  In short, if you have unused cemetery plots you have the right to either sell them back to the cemetery at fair market value (with some restrictions), or if the cemetery does not wish to buy them back, they cannot prevent you from re-selling them privately and would have to comply by providing new rights certificates upon the sale.


We have created free space on our website for you to advertise any lots available for re-sale, and we would be willing to help broker the sale and secure the documents for a 5% fee (not including any cemetery documents fee).

If you have a pre-paid funeral agreement with us, or enter into one, we would provide this service free of charge.

Feel free to contact us at  info@kitchingsteepeandludwig.com if you would like to know more about the lots listed below and possible savings in purchasing them or you would like to post a free listing.

Cemetery Plots For Sale:

1 single grave with space for 1 casket interment at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens.

4 grave lot, single depth allowing for up to 4 casket interments at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens.  May be sold as 2 grave lots as well. 

2 grave lot (single depth) in Carlise Cemetery, Lot 8, Concession VII, Grave 2&3

1 single grave double depth (2 interments) at Garden Lane Cemetery, Flamborough.

2 grave lot double depth (4 interments) at Grove Cemetery, Oakhill Extension, Dundas.