Grief Tip: Don't Cancel the Holidays

...even if you think it would make life easier. The quickest and easiest decision for families who are grieving is to “run away” from the social expectations and the gaiety of holiday celebrations all around. It may be possible to “run away” from it for a year or two, but the reality is the holidays will come along again next year. Eventually you need to deal with the raw emotions this event may bring. The best solution is to re-invent the holiday so it is comfortable for everyone involved. Create a new or revised celebration that allows time for remembrance. Limit your social activities, but don’t isolate yourself from others. Sometimes all the anxiety that leads up to the holiday quickly diffuses itself once the day arrives and you know you only need to get through 24 more hours of worrying about it! Find peace and love by surrounding yourself with those who support you during your grief!

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