Donald Robert Woods
(Apr 17, 1935 - Apr 26, 2013)

It is with sad and heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of Don Woods, Professor Emeritus at McMaster University and friend to many.  He leaves behind his best friend and  beloved wife of 52 years, Diane, and his children - Russell Glen (predeceased), Suzanna Lynn Peters (Denis Dallaire), and Cynthia Jane Veals (Scott).  His five all-star grandsons will miss Poppa: Caleb, Marcus and Andrew Veals and Nicholas and Benjamin Peters. 

Don was a chemical engineering  professor at McMaster University from 1964 to 2000 where he used innovative teaching methods and won many teaching awards (and three honorary doctorates from Queens, Guelph and McMaster).  He wrote many books and papers, and gave workshops in various  parts of the world   He was also an artist, banjo player, square dancer, badminton player, builder, author, genealogist,  and great reader.  He enjoyed spending time at Kinlough, our 200 acre vacation place in southern Bruce County, as well as travelling to many interesting destinations in retirement.

Visitation will take place at KITCHING, STEEPE & LUDWIG FUNERAL HOME on Monday 7-9 pm, Tuesday 2-4 and 7-9 pm.  The funeral will be at ST. JAMES UNITED CHURCH, Rev. John Allsop presiding, on Wednesday, May 1 at 1 pm followed by a reception in the church hall.  Donations may be made to St. James United Church, Waterdown, the  Christian Children’s Fund of Canada or to a charity of your choice. 

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Remembering a Terrific Father:

He taught me to have self confidence. He taught me that girls can do anything boys can. He encouraged me to follow my dreams and to never give up. He taught me to dance.
He showed me that EVERYONE was important- no matter where they lived, what their job was, how old they were, what color their skin was, where they were from. He made everyone feel special.
My Dad taught me to be a do-it-your-selfer. He was handy. He taught me to build a deck, how to frame and drywall a room, how to lay floor tiles, how to set fence posts in cement, how to build a backyard playhouse for my sons, even how to change the oil in my car! He could do anything!!
He patiently taught me how to drive, and insisted that I take driving exam on a standard car with clutch and stick shift!... But not until I could prove to him that I could rotate all the tires! At the time, when my friends were all driving their parents’ automatic cars, I was not impressed that I had to take my exam on a manual transmission, but in hindsight- he was SO right!
My dad showed me unconditional love. He offered hugs and encouragement to anyone that needed it, even if they were a stranger. He was so generous of his time. He truly cared about everyone he met.
My dad taught me to be modest.  He was my biggest cheerleader.  He was always smiling! He was my hero.
His friendly caring outgoing personality was contagious. Every day was 'terrific' as far as he was concerned. He was SO special and I am so lucky that he was my father.
BEST dad ever! x0x0
Love always and forever,

Dad - you were an amazing man.  There is so much I could say. You taught us so much.  Your hugs just engulfed us and made everything seem so much better.   
You were our biggest cheerleader and encourager.  You not only drove Suzi and me to all our soccer games, but you sat and cheered no matter the weather or the fact that we pretty much always seemed to lose!  You got to know the name of every girl on the team every year and cheered for them by name - loud and with that wonderful enthusiasm you had.  You brought so much joy and fun to life.

You were a man of faith. You lived your faith and spoke volumes about the God you loved with your actions, compassion and caring.  

You accepted everyone no matter who they were or where they were from.  You used to bring foreign graduate students who had nowhere to go for Christmas to our home for Christmas dinner.  They became part of the family for that night – playing games and making music and singing carols. 

When I was a young teen I struggled with my self-esteem.  You took me to the mirror and made me look at myself in the mirror and say “I like myself” and “I’m OK”.   You continued this with me regularly over time, until I said it with meaning and gradually it sunk it and was easier to say and my self-esteem grew. 

And you continued to pass all these wonderful many things on to your grandsons.

Dad – you were wonderful. Such an inspiration.  We were so lucky.  You gave us such joy, hope, love and encouragement.  We loved you much, as such, we will miss you dearly.  You have impacted so many of us.  I am inspired to live a little better, love a little more and spread a little more joy and laughter as I think of you.

I love you SO much Dad and dearly miss you.  There is a BIG hole in the family!

Love Cynthia 

Remembering Poppa

Caleb (14 yrs old)

I remember going for nature walks with Poppa and watching the birds at the feeder.  I remember building things in the shop with him.  When he would find a mistake in our plans he would just laugh it off.  I remember him playing Frisbee golf with us, not caring when he made a bad throw or when the wind blew his Frisbee away.  Instead he smiles and laughs.  I remember him teaching me unique skills such as ballroom dancing, driving a ride-on lawn mower and using a chain saw to cut trees.

Nick (13 yrs old)
Nick 13yrs. Poppa always made time for us- no matter what. Poppa spent time with each of us in his shop. He was handy and he would teach us how to build things with wood. He helped me build a great 2 storey house with a ramp  for Timbit, our guinea pig. I was looking forward to him helping me build a shelter for Walter, my new tortoise.  ...But maybe I can build it myself with what poppa taught me.  I will miss poppa. He was a wonderful grandfather

Marcus (12 years old)

I will always remember how Poppa was always so cheerful.  Even when people weren’t very happy he would bring life to them.  Poppa used to do a thing called “Pass the Laughter” at the dinner table.  He would start laughing and not stop until everyone at the table was laughing.  I remember for soccer tournaments I played in, Poppa would always come and cheer me on with a cow bell.  That’s the Poppa I remember.

Andrew (9 years old)

Poppa was a great guy!  He played many sports with me including soccer and badminton.  When he rang the cowbell to cheer for us at soccer it brought me so much joy.  I remember us all playing soccer at the cottage with funny names.  I was Amazing Andrew, Poppa was Dashing Don.  In the basement on a wall he has all kinds of awards.  He played his banjo at the campfire.  He played Bocce ball with me.  We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun.   Poppa was a very great person!

Ben (8yrs old).
One of my favorite memories of Poppa is when he played tippy teepee with us. This was just another name for playing hide and seek at Diny and Poppa's house. Poppa would find the best hiding spot in the house every time!!  This past Christmas NO one could find him!  He was hidden squished under a box in the storage room in the basement!!!!  He was so fun to play with!  I have lots of happy memories of Poppa. I will miss him!

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